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Welcome to Our World!

The Kin of Rock and Roll has changed it's tune for our 10th Anniversary! The focus on genealogy will be minimized and placed on specific areas with more room for our tribute to Elvis. At top a site search will help you browse conveniently throughout the website.
We hope The Kin of Rock and Roll will continue to be on your list of favorite Elvis sites, and we thank you for your years of loyal support. God Bless!

"The Kin of Rock and Roll presents a loving tribute to the greatest entertainer of the 20th and 21st centuries. Elvis is gone but his light continues to shine on the world. He was a special soul with a special gift. He knew God, and his life's mission was to help whoever he could, however he could. His legacy will continue on as his memory continues to inspire and heal new generations to come."

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Family Histories

family history

The Kin of Rock and Roll will be concentrating on brief histories and stories only of the allied family lines that link to Elvis. It was an interest Elvis once had in finding out his true family ties that became the inspiration behind this website which is also dedicated to him. Some of the older histories will be archived as we make way for new and updated information.

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Our Tribute to Elvis

Elvis and Vernon Presley

The Kin of Rock and Roll remembers Elvis Presley and his legacy. Here Elvis' fans are able to journey through rare stories and facts and view photos, videos, and listen to Elvis' songs on a jukebox. A new fan appreciation page with comments for those who care to share memories, experiences, and all things Elvis! We also accept questions and concerns.

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