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The Kin of Rock and Roll family history and Elvis tribute website was created with Elvis in mind by Presley cousins. Here we pay tribute in a special way to Elvis, and to our ancestors. Many family members have contributed information in one way or another to make this venture a worthwhile project and we hope family, friends, and fans alike, will continue to join us to help us preserve a portion of American history. We ask you to remember that to keep Elvis in your heart is to let him be at peace. He gave a lifetime and his legacy to us and there is nothing more we could want other than to respect him as we strive to keep his memory alive.

Mackey Hargett's Tribute to Vernon

Mackey Hargett is a Presley cousin who was very close to Vernon Presley. Over the years, Vernon had stood in the background of his son's life and has often been misunderstood because of his actions at a time when poverty created necessity for a struggling family. In his own special way, Vernon was a generous man and Mackey wanted to do something special for the man who became like a second father to him. Thus, Mackey decided to create a lasting tribute to Vernon.

(Mackey, Peggy Hargett with cousin Barbara Lee)

Mackey wanted to share his many wonderful memories with family members and Elvis' fans and includes the tribute he planned and designed for Vernon Presley which is located at the site of Vernon's birthplace (house no longer there). Mackey's story not only details the experience of creating such a tribute, but, in addition, brings about new light, and truth, to the age-old mystery of Rosella Presley. Mackey's story became a wonderful book, as told to Julian C. Riley, called "The Roots of Elvis Presley." The Kin of Rock and Roll was the first to present Mackey's story, temporarily hidden from public view by a promise he had made years ago and kept.

You can purchase Mackey's book at Amazon.com here: The Roots of Elvis Presley

Remembering Elvis

1945 Tupelo The story for Elvis begins with a small boy born into poverty who had a dream. For the love of his Momma, that boy's dream became his goal, and that goal was eventually achieved when that small boy from Tupelo, Mississippi, became the king of rock and roll. Elvis Presley would not see his family want or struggle again. Yet, while the dream lived on, Elvis' purpose diminished for as his star rose, he had lost his beloved Momma, a void and sorrow that would continue to haunt him for the rest of his life. Despite his own pain and despair, Elvis continued on to "heal the world" with a voice that was a gift from God and a heart as big as life. A healer, humanitarian, and humble soul, Elvis Presley's legacy continues on in his music and in the support of humanitarian causes designated by his estate. Elvis IS, truly, "the angel of music," inspiring new generations with his songs.

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