John Presley of Monroe County/ Private, North Carolina Line, $40.00 Annual Allowance $120.00 Amount Received December 31, 1833 Pension Started Age 84 (1835 TN Pension Roll).

+( John Presley (S.3738) stated in his pension application that he was born in Rowan County in 1748. He was living in Mecklenburg County when he was called into service in 1779 and part of his army service was as a substitute for his brother, Peter. He resided in Mecklenburg County for 20 years afterward, then moved to Kershaw County near Camden, South Carolina, and lived there for 14 years, moved back to Rowan County for several years, then moved to Tennessee to be near his children, "living some times in NC and sometimes in Tennessee." The lengths of residence in the variously named locations are probably not entirely accurate. He made his pension application in 1833 when he resided in Monroe County, Tennessee.) This was Elvis' ancestor who actually served in NC during the American Revolution, but who relocated to Tennessee as many in the family had after the war. Many had received land grants in Tennessee for their service.

Presley, Andrew: pension filed from TN Presley (Priestley) Charles: pension filed from TN

Read the North Carolina Regulators Petition signed by Thomas Preslar (Presley) and John Preslie (Presley), and many Presley collateral ancestors: Regulator's Petition

There is information on Thomas Presley and his father having supplied saddles and other to the patriots. There were blacksmiths and farmers, large landholders, and could well afford to service the soldiers. Also, information on Thomas Presley, Jr. I am looking into further information and will post here.