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    The Presley Family History

    From the Bresslers to the Preslars to the Presleys. A verified account of family histories in the Presley lines.

    The story of Rosella Elizabeth Presley has always been known to the family, as we learn by cousin Mackey Hargett. Mackey kept a promise he made not to disclose this knowledge until after a certain amount of time. Mackey has now told his story and, thus, what had been a complete mystery to Presley family historians and Elvis' fans alike has now been revealed.

    Rosella's Story

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    The Hood Family History

    The Hood Family descendants of Captain Teunis Hood of North Carolina. Among the Hood family members was CSA General John Bell Hood. The Hoods, like the Preslar's have two distinct family lines from cousins. Elvis' grandma "Dodger" was Minnie Mae Hood married to Jessie D. McDowell Presley.

    General John Bell Hood

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    The Helms Family Connections

    From the line of George Helms, Sr. and wife, Mary Faukenburg/Fortenberry descend many allied families including Presley, Preslar, Winchester, Love, Polk, Chaney, Crowell, Belk, Hargett, Tackett, and more. The Helms families originated in Anson and Union Counties in North Carolina and with families relocating later on to Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi. Some notable Helms were Sen. Jesse Helms (R-NC) of Monroe, North Carolina, Richard Helms, former head of the CIA, and singer, Bobby Helms.

    George Helms, Sr. Line

  • Royal and Noble Lineage

    This section is still a work in progress to include family lineages and other information, and heraldry, from royal and noble heritage. Below are the histories to date:

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