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While Elvis was stationed at Bad Neuheim, Germany, he was terribly homesick. Mostly because was missing his family, especially his ailing mother who was back at Graceland under the care of her eldest sister, Lillian. Gladys' fear was that she would never see "her boy" again, and that fear became reality to her as she said to Lillian: "Take care of my boy." Glady's health was declining and she had been under a doctor's care. More than for herself, she worried about her only surviving son and what would become of him. She had always been very protective of Elvis and was now agreeable that Vernon and Miss Minnie should go be with Elvis in Germany while she remained behind at Graceland. Soon, Elvis had rented a house for himself, Vernon, and "Dodger," the grandmother he doted on. Minnie Mae was a wildfire and soon it became evident that she would tolerate no other woman taking over "her" kitchen. When the landlady of the house attempted to set down rules, Miss Minnie chased her out with a meat cleaver! There is no messing with southern blood!

one of the last photos of Gladys Presley When Gladys was taken to Baptist Memorial Hospital, Elvis was unable to access leave. As Glady's lay close to death, thoughts of her son and not being able to say goodbye brought more heartache to the forty-two year old woman. When Elvis finally secured leave, he hurried home as quickly as able, but had missed his chance to say goodbye to the dearest woman in his life. Elvis never got over his mother's death. It was a void he carried with him until his own fate. When Glady's life ended, so did Elvis'. He continued on with his career, but could not find happiness without his beloved Momma, and while Miss Minnie took on the responsibility of caring for her grandson, no other woman would ever come to fill the void in Elvis' heart or in his life.

For Elvis Presley, there was only one marriage and that was to Priscilla Beaulieu, daughter of a U.S. Army officer. They married on May 1, 1967, however they met in Bad Neuheim, Germany. Their courtship and marriage would turn the tide in Elvis' career forever, with Priscilla becoming almost as important as her famous husband. To this day she continues as a director for Elvis Presley Enterprises. Following are photographs of Elvis' military days:

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last photo of Gladys Presley

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