Jesse D.

Jesse D. McDowell Presley, grandfather of Elvis Presley, shown here during his WWI service, stateside.

It is a known fact that Jesse D. was not a very kind person; he was a drinker, a ladies man, and he was not fond of his son, Vernon.
Elvis respected his paternal grandfather but always felt a sore spot toward his indifference toward his oldest son, Elvis' dad.

Myths and Misconceptions

The Kin of Rock and Roll is trying to clear up many of the myths and mis-conceptions of our family history, beginning with Elvis' gggrandfather, Dunning Presley, who despite all rumors, was not a desserter
during the War of Northern Aggression.

The Presleys: A German Heritage

Proof-positive leans more toward the conclusion that Elvis'
ancestors were of the German "Bressler/Preslars" who originated in Germany but came from England to New York before migrating down South. Elvis was informed that David Pressley from SC, originating from Scotland, was our forebear. This is incorrect. David, through his Revolutionary War pension file had a son name, John and no Andrews, and with children all having
different names than those confirmed in our family lines. A DNA study done by the Pressley/Presley /Preslar families has diligently confirmed that our Andrew and Thomas were truly brothers, and the documented records state that these men were the sons of Valentine Bressler/Preslar, a German immigrant to the United States in 1709.
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NOTE: This website is designed as a tribute to Elvis and our ancestors and is not an active genealogy website. Any lineages or other reflecting genealogies of certain family lines that appear on this website are those either proven and/or submitted for viewing by family members.

Elvis Favorite Ladies. With his mama long gone, Lisa Marie was, and is, Elvis' only legal heir. Elvis was devoted
to "Yissa," the light of his life. The divorce between he and
Priscilla, tore Elvis apart, especially having to separate from his
daughter. Those wounds added to Elvis' ill health and misery.
Lisa Marie was the light in his life.

Elvis beloved grandma once told him before his success that he would be lonely at the top of that hill. Miss Minnie was all knowing and right, as most grandma's are. She was the voice of experience and took over nurturing Elvis with the absence of his mama. Elvis affectionately called his grandma "Dodger" and loved her dearly.

Another favorite lady in Elvis' life was his double first cousin, Patsy Presley, not
to be confused with Patsy Anderson who is now Patsy Presley (married to
Jerry Presley) and who for many years had worked at Graceland®
. Patsy Presley
Gambill was the daughter of Vester and Cletis Presley. Today Patsy remains
friendly with both Priscilla and Lisa Marie, the one relative that both have chosen to keep in touch with.

Elvis: Today and Always

Elvis was a doer. He was a giver. He gave himself to God, to his family, to friends, and to his loyal fans. He was a loyal friend and a trusted compatriot. Elvis was a hero not because of how he was treated in life but because of how he treated people. What remained of the life that was driven from Elvis by many was what he had given and shared with many.

Elvis also had an infectious laugh. Just hearing him crack up set everyone present ablaze in hysterics. Check it out>>

The Mystery Wallet

A mystery of history. When Buddy Holly met Elvis, the budding star was enamored by Presley's attitude, his music, his style. The two became friends and whenever Elvis was appearing in Texas, he and Buddy would get together and go driving. Buddy was delighted to give Elvis the grand tour of Texas, a land Elvis had truly come to love beginning with his being stationed at Fort Hood. Buddy also introduced Elvis to the girls!

Elvis had told Buddy that he would do his best to get the former onto Louisiana Hayride so whenever he was in the area to stop by.

On his way to Nashville for his first set of recordings with Decca, Buddy passed through Memphis and stopped at Sun Records hoping to run into Elvis. Elvis was away at that time filming Love Me Tender. Disappointed, Buddy gave the receptionist a gift he had hand-tooled himself for Elvis. Buddy was an expert in leather working and had crafted a black and pink (colors of the day) leather wallet with pink flowers. Buddy never knew if Elvis received the wallet or not. But we do: Elvis did receive the wallet and though it's whereabouts today are unknown, we were told that Elvis gave the wallet to the receptionist who had received it in the first place. No known photo of the wallet exists but this is the closest we have come to finding one similar: click here>>

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For centuries soldiers and true American patriots have been heroes to both the young and old. Such soldiers and American patriots today are still our heroes. One in particular stands out. Elvis Presley. A hero for today's generation and generations to come. To many Americans, young and old, to many around the world, Elvis is a time-less hero, one to look upon with awesome regard. If there need be moral qualifications for heroes, then Elvis has earnestly complied. He earnestly believed that justice was mandatory and that violence was unnecessary. He was an auxilliary and associate member of the Sheriff's Association, the Memphis Police Department, and various other law enforcement agencies, with a will and a driven purpose to help those enduring struggle.

Elvis especially detested the drug scene and it's components. His own cousin, Harold Ray, developed the DARE program that continues to exist today in schools across the nation.
original TCB logo patch
The TCB motto designed by Elvis.
Spearhead Division
Elvis answered the call of Uncle Sam and set aside self and a pending desire to expand his career for God and country. He served honorably in the United States Army during the Cold War, 1958 to 1960. The 3rd Army Spearhead Division in which Elvis served, was abolished in 1991, following the Gulf War.

There is the story of Elvis patrolling with his friends, coming upon a terrible
car accident. The car burst into flames and inside screaming were a woman and
her child. Never thinking once about self, Elvis rushed in and pulled the woman and child to safety, having burnt his arm in the ordeal. Afterward, he visited mother and child in the hospital to insure that they would be alright. This was Elvis Presley. A true hero.

Elvis as honorary policeman with members of Memphis force


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