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"True Love Travels on a Gravel Road" sung by Elvis Presley. Click on to hear throughout the photo gallery.

Mackey's Memories of life at Graceland. Mackey is singing on the video the tune "When You Walk Through A Storm."

Cousin Don Helms was the steel guitar player for Hank Williams. He was one of Hank's original Drifting Cowboys and reminices here about his days with Hank. As the last surviving member of the group, Don is gone now too. He is missed.

A Winchester cousin, Jesse Winchester, from Memphis, is also of the Lee family from Virginia. Sad to say, for whatever his reasons were, Jesse dodged the draft during the Vietnam War and went to Canada. Coming from a long line of brave, patriotic, military men, he stands slone as a blacksheep in the Winchester line. He did, however, have a gentle voice and was a gentle soul. This is a very rare video of Jesse from 1977.

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