The Green Scrapbook

DISCLAIMER The Kin of Rock and Roll is strictly a family website devoted to preserving the truth about Elvis and our Presley and allied family histories. We are not part of any "Elvis alive" scam nor do we condone those who are.

For as much as we thought to challenge up to the scam artists in the Elvis World, we believe now that it is not worth the slightest effort to give attention though we do feel it is necessary to mention, here and there, some of the bogus people and groups as to alert the Elvis' World of them and their dasterdly deeds.

The green scrapbook honors both Elvis and his momma as Gladys had originally bought her son a green scrapbook to keep news and mag articles of stories that were unfavorable regarding his career. Elvis thought it was a good way to read up on things that he might be able to improve upon. Our version of the scrapbook will post articles from newspapers and magazines since Elvis' death, those articles that have treated him unfavorably and articles and stories in his defense.

The reason for this is to show just how cruel so-called "friends" and even some family members have been to the man who, basically, supported their lives. Greed and jealousy prompted some to go overboard with their comments and untruths, and this is a good way to show how unjust they have been all through the years.

Following are original stories from magazines and newspapers within the first two years following Elvis' death. You will be amazed at what many had to say about Elvis, those who knew him. No one knew everything there was--and is--to know about Elvis EXCEPT Elvis, himself. As far as the stories of those who saw Elvis "in death," only they know what they had experienced. These articles are now part of Elvis, part of history. Elvis didn't like the gossip stories. He didn't like the trash talk about him. But amid all that trash talk were some actually family and friend stories printed shortly after Elvis' death. A recollection of what those who knew him were thinking and feeling at the time of Elvis' death, the stories are very interesting reading. This section remains a work-in-progress.

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