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A Message to Our Loyal Viewers:

The Kin of Rock and Roll never intended to be a political website. This website was created strictly for pleasure, entertainment, and genealogy. In addition, we have always respected Elvis' desire to keep politics out of the public arena, unlike many of today's liberal entertainers who have made political attacks the new focal point of the entertainment industry. Elvis would have been appalled! Sadly, however, the time has now come for The Kin of Rock and Roll to make a public statement; not on behalf of Elvis Presley, but on behalf of our heritage, our website, and human dignity.

In light of new information we recently received; that Elvis' inspirational and beloved song, "American Trilogy," has come under attack by the liberal left for the mere fact that the song includes a rendition of the much-cherished song of the south...Dixie, a song that has been in the hearts and minds of America since it's inception. A song that was a favorite of President Abraham Lincoln. So, now, it has come down to some radicals requesting that the music of the beloved and treasured, greatest entertainer of the 20th Century (and all time), Elvis Presley, be banned. The reasoning for this absurd attack is outwardly because Elvis was a southern white male, a Christian, whose ancestors were from the South, some of who fought for the Confederacy during the Civi War. The truth of the story here is not about Christianity, or history, or the South, or Dixie...it is about radical liberalism, a true and destructive sickness and the first step leading to the destruction of our nation as a unified, live-and-let-live society.

To understand the agenda of the liberal left is to comprehend the ungodly, hellish aggression of communist ideology. There are some in Hollywood and in our government offices who are akin to the very idealogy of destroying and dividing the nation with their radical, immoral, and unjust opinions. They encourage radicalism, hatred and violence including adding to the outright pre-ordained attacks on God, Christianity, and white southern traditions and heritage. It is time for the decent and noble to stand up and see that justice is served accordingly upon those who continue to divide our nation and to attack the innocent. The idealogy of the communist is to destroy unity, to destroy religion, and to destroy the heritage of the populace.

The Kin of Rock and Roll will NOT tolerate interference and meddling into our families histories or our Christian faith. Nor will we tolerate or condone any attempt to desecrate the name and memory of Elvis Presley and our ancestors. God Bless those who stand up for justice and right. It is time to bring back GOD into our country for it is without God that a nation will falter and wither away. Amen.

"The Kin of Rock and Roll is a loving tribute to Elvis Presley. Elvis is gone but his light continues to shine on the world. He was a special soul with a special gift. He knew God, and his life's mission was to help whoever he could, however he could. He respected humanity and believed in fairness, equality, and justice. His legacy will continue on as his memory continues to inspire and bring healing to new generations."

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Family Histories

family history

The Kin of Rock and Roll will be concentrating on brief histories and stories only of the allied family lines that link to Elvis. It was an interest Elvis once had in finding out his true family ties that became the inspiration behind this website which is also dedicated to him. Some of the older histories will be archived as we make way for new and updated information.

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Our Tribute to Elvis

Elvis and Vernon Presley

The Kin of Rock and Roll remembers Elvis Presley and his legacy. Here Elvis' fans are able to journey through rare stories and facts and view photos, videos, and listen to Elvis' songs on a jukebox. A new fan appreciation page with comments for those who care to share memories, experiences, and all things Elvis! We also accept questions and concerns.

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