Elvis and God

A virtual chapel dedicated to Elvis and all of our ancestors and family who have gone back home. The actual small church pictured above was the very same Assembly of God Pentecostal Church Elvis attended with his family. It has now been restored and placed on the grounds of Elvis' boyhood home. Elvis spent many hours in this church. He was a mere toddler, two or three years old, when at one Sunday mass, Elvis heard the gospel music, wriggled down from his Momma's lap and ran up to sing sing with the choir. Even at such a young age Elvis felt that special calling; a calling to praise God through words and music. From that moment on Elvis mission in life became clear: he loved God and he loved to sing His praises. Elvis kept the Bible with him always though he needed several copies having scribbled notes inside near his favorite passages. He loved that book so much that he kept a trunk full of Bibles to give out to family and friends.

One of the foremost entertainers of our lifetime believed in God and spoke freely about Him and of "the Word." There was a time when Elvis knew every verse in the Bible by heart. He lived by God's Words and had even considered that he might like to become a preacher at some point in his life.

After he had lost his beloved mother, Elvis sought after a spiritual journey, delving more into spiritual and religious texts, saturating himself with varied knowledge on the topics and quite often speaking about what he learned to others. The late Deborah Walley remembered that Elvis had become very spritual. After he had asked her out on a date he taught her about the God he knew and spirituality and Deborah was so impressed she began to think of Elvis as her "teacher." They became good friends.

Donna Douglas, too, shared a spiritual journey with Elvis, both of them, along with the help of Elvis' hairstylist, Larry Geller, began studying Paramahansa Yogananda. On the set of "Frankie and Johnny" Elvis and Donna sat down to some serious spiritual discussions. Elvis had a good deal of respect for Donna who later opted out of things spiritual and reverted to Christianity. Elvis, though he had never "lost" God or his way, had become satisfied enough with what he had gleaned from other religious orders and returned entirely to God and Christianity.

For those who remember Elvis and his spiritual ways, Elvis was born a "healer." He could heal with his hands and with his voice, a unique voice that could only have come from God.

A virtual Chapel cannot be complete without a virtual candle. For this we go to the Holy Cross Family Ministries and their wonderful Family Rosary virtual candle vigil. The process is self-explanatory here Say a Prayer and Light a virtual candle

More importantly is the message of the Rosary, a request from Our Lady of Fatima. The Rosary is extremely important for all Christians as we come into these changes in the world around us. Praying the Rosary is for the salvation of souls. You can read about praying the Rosary here... How to Pray the Rosary

As you reflect here on the memory of a wonderful human being, and on the lives of others who knew God, remember that the time is come for us to recapture faith and hold onto God as close as we can, for those "coming days" are just around the bend. May God Bless us all... every one.

Jerusalem 3D Virtual Tours

This is a wonderful historic 3D tour of the holiest places of Jerusalem for those of us who cannot be there. You can click on any of the 3D tours and click on "autopilot" for a guided tour which is best. It is thoroughly enjoyable and facinating in helping to bring those of us who believe closer to the source; Jesus. Jerusalem 3D Virtual Tours

Elvis' Gospel Songs

Elvis Presley received three Grammy Awards during his career and all three of them were for his Gospel music:
(1)How Great Thou Art Best Sacred Performance, 1967 Elvis' second gospel album earned him his first Grammy Award. (2)"He Touched Me" Best Inspirational Performance, 1972 (3)"How Great Thou Art" Best Inspirational Performance (Non-Classical), 1974 Elvis was one of the more compelling gospel recording artists even though his success raged due to the rock and roll hits.

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