The Three Stooges

Did Elvis enjoy The Three Stooges?

Considering Elvis great sense of humor, we think Elvis would have loved the Three Stooges! Wouldn't you agree?

Well, look at this: during an interview with a lady named Marilyn Hanold, a facinating piece of information caught our eye. Marilyn not only co-starred with the Three Stooges, she also dated Elvis for a time! Here is what Marilyn had to say about Elvis and the Three Stooges:

“Elvis thought that it was the coolest thing that I had been in a film with The Three Stooges. He thought that was the best,” said Hanold.

Marilyn Hanold at a recent Three Stooges Convention

In the film, the stooges are hired to take a photo of a skunk named, none other than-- Elvis!

The Outlaws Is Coming! (1965)

Marilyn Hanold had fond memories of both Elvis and the Three Stooges when she did this interview with Mike Morsch for The Montgomery Media.

Here is an excerpt from that interview: " She was Playboy’s “Playmate of the Month” in June 1959 and starred in “Frankenstein meets the Spacemonster,” a cult classic from 1965 that is considered so bad by some critics that it’s actually viewed today as perhaps an unintended cinematic masterpiece."

Oh, and in the late 1950s, Marilyn Hanold went on a few dates with Elvis Presley.

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