The Letter

Written in despair by Elvis Presley. Turned into a song by Wayne Newton.

Elvis Presley was despairing at a time when the world was closing in on him. He missed his mama always, and more recently a divorce from Priscilla and not having his little "Yissa" around him all the time, began to weigh heavily on Elvis' mind. He was a man truly alone in a crowd, a void inside his being ever unfulfilled.

The people around him, who he thought of as family, took from him and drained his physical being. A true friend is hard to come by.

One night in Las Vegas, in the solitude of his room, the situation of his life finally gripped him and he felt at his lowest point. Despairing and alone, Elvis penned a letter to God, asking the Lord to help him for the burden of responsibility and the pressure had become to excessive, too overwhelming. That letter wound up in a wastebasket and somehow made it into the hands of a friend, Wayne Newton, who felt Elvi's pain and immediately thought of putting those deep words into song, and it became a beautiful song entitled, "The Letter."

The original letter still hangs in Wayne Newton's Las Vegas home, and it still brings a tear to his eyes when he passes by and views it.

The world lost a beautiful soul because of the selfishness and greed of some. Too many had taken from him, forced themselves upon him, demanded of him, and wanted to destroy him. Elvis never lost control for he knew the Lord was on his side. There are those who love him and have felt his pain and sadness, those who respect him and his memory. There are those, however, who will not stop obsessing to find the man once known as Elvis Presley, believing that he lives still.

The man we knew as Elvis Presley is gone. We ask that those obsessed with finding him, drop it and allow the memory to stay gold. Get on with your lives and remember the fond memories of a man who brought the world happiness and continues to do so. We all wish Elvis was still here with us, however, now, he is in God's hands.


The Words Elvis Wrote To God...As Turned Into A Song Sung By Wayne Newton

One more phone call from a friend
Just to say how hard it's been
How their hopes and dreams have scattered With the wind

They don't see that I'm there, too,
How it breaks my heart in two
Just to make it through this night's all I can do

Help me Lord
I need the sun to drive away
The shadows in my mind
Help me Lord

I need someone to guide me
When the path is hard to find
Even though the crowd surrounds me I'm still standing all alone...

As I awake again today
And my pain won't go away
And the face I have to wear
Shows a smile;

Now my nights are so alone
I just wish I could go home
I don't know if I can make it another mile I feel so alone sometimes

The night is quiet for me
I'd love to be able to sleep
I am glad that everyone is gone now

I'll probably not rest tonight
I have no need for all of this
Help me Lord

Won't you come and take me home, Help me Lord -

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